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DRUM! Apr-13
Mike Johnston: Faster Hands

DRUM! April / May 2004: Jose Pasillas
DRUM! April 2005: Joey Castillo
DRUM! April 2006: Longineu Parsons III
DRUM! April 2007: Jose Pasillas
DRUM! April 2008: Thomas Pridgen
DRUM! April 2009: Brann Dailor
DRUM! April 2010: The Groove Issue
DRUM! April 2011: Street Drum Corps
DRUM! April 2012: Stanton Moore
DRUM! April 2014: Chad Sexton
DRUM! April 2015: Hannah Welton
DRUM! April 2016: Your Left Hand Sucks
DRUM! Aug-13
Chad Smith, Cindy Blackman, Jason Bittner

DRUM! August / September 2001: Jon Wysocki
DRUM! August / September 2002: David Buckner
DRUM! August / September 2003: Jon Wysocki
DRUM! August / September 2004: Elvin Jones SOLD OUT!
DRUM! August 2005: Brad Wilk
DRUM! August 2006: Matt Cameron
DRUM! August 2007: Matt Sorum
DRUM! August 2008: Eric Kretz
DRUM! August 2009: Mike PortnoySOLD OUT!
DRUM! August 2010: Abe Cunningham
DRUM! August 2011: Chad Smith
DRUM! August 2012: Nicko McBrain
DRUM! August 2014: Tommy Lee
DRUM! August 2015: Special Snare Drum Issue!
DRUM! August 2016: Steve Smith
DRUM! August/September 2000: Travis Barker SOLD OUT!
DRUM! Beanie
DRUM! Current & Back Issues
DRUM! Dec-00/Jan-01
Ginger Fish

DRUM! December 2001 / January 2002: Joey Jordison SOLD OUT!
DRUM! December 2002 / January 2003: Mike Portnoy
DRUM! December 2003 / January 2004: Lars Ulrich
DRUM! December 2004 / January 2005: Tré Cool
DRUM! December 2005: Ronnie Vannucci
DRUM! December 2006: Travis Barker
DRUM! December 2007: Taylor Hawkins
DRUM! December 2008: Special 150th Issue
DRUM! December 2009: Matt Cameron / Holiday Wishbook
DRUM! December 2010: Mike Byrne / Holiday WishbookSOLD OUT!
DRUM! December 2011: Brann Dailor / Holiday Wishbook
DRUM! December 2012: Matt Cameron / Holiday Wishbook
DRUM! December 2013: Nathan Followill
DRUM! December 2014: Dave McClain / Holiday Wishbook
DRUM! December 2015: Terri Lyne Carrington / Holiday Wishbook
DRUM! Feb/Mar-01
How To Play FastSOLD OUT!

DRUM! February / March 2002: Adrian Young
DRUM! February / March 2003: Rob Bourdon
DRUM! February / March 2004: Josh Freese
DRUM! February 2005: Torry Castellano
DRUM! February 2006: Wuv
DRUM! February 2007: Tommy Lee
DRUM! February 2008: Zach Lind
DRUM! February 2009: Andrew Hurley
DRUM! February 2010: Dave Lombardo
DRUM! February 2011: Hall of Fame
DRUM! February 2012: The Cymbal IssueSOLD OUT!
DRUM! February 2013: 200 Greatest Moments In Drumming SOLD OUT!
DRUM! February 2014: Josh Freese
DRUM! February 2015: Matt Halpern
DRUM! February 2016: Mike Mangini
DRUM! Hat Red
DRUM! Jan-14
Mikkey Dee

DRUM! January 2006: Chris Hesse
DRUM! January 2007: Abe Cunningham
DRUM! January 2008: Stanton Moore
DRUM! January 2009: Matt McDonough
DRUM! January 2010: Steve Jordan
DRUM! January 2011: Travis Barker
DRUM! January 2012: Back To Basics / Patrick Carney
DRUM! January 2013: Disciples of Bonzo
DRUM! January 2015: Simon Phillips
DRUM! January 2016: Robert "Sput" Searight
DRUM! Jul-13
Brad Wilk

DRUM! July / August 2004: Neil Peart SOLD OUT!
DRUM! July 2005: Chris Adler SOLD OUT!
DRUM! July 2006: Jason Bittner SOLD OUT!
DRUM! July 2007: Stewart Copeland
DRUM! July 2008: Jason McGerr
DRUM! July 2009: Chad Smith
DRUM! July 2010: Ray Luzier
DRUM! July 2011: Tim Yeung
DRUM! July 2012: Mike Portnoy
Drum! July 2014: Brann Dailor
DRUM! July 2015: Patrick Hallahan & Steve Gadd Supplement
DRUM! July 2016: Travis Barker
DRUM! Jun-13
Ian Paice

DRUM! June / July 2001: Jimmy DeGrasso
DRUM! June / July 2002: Billy Martin and Chris Wood
DRUM! June / July 2003: Abe Cunningham
DRUM! June / July 2004: Adrian Young / Travis Barker SOLD OUT!
DRUM! June 2005: Travis Barker
DRUM! June 2006: Shannon Larkin
DRUM! June 2007: Neil Peart
DRUM! June 2008: Mike Wengren
DRUM! June 2009: Neil Peart SOLD OUT!
DRUM! June 2010: Thomas Lang
DRUM! June 2011: Derek Roddy
DRUM! June 2012: 5 Complete Drum Sets Under $1,000
DRUM! June 2014: Eric Hernandez
DRUM! June 2015: Chris Fryar
DRUM! June 2016: Tommy Clufetos
DRUM! June/July-00
Abe Cunningham

DRUM! Mar-13
Dominic Howard

DRUM! March / April 2001: Pete Escovedo & Sheila E
DRUM! March / April 2002: Ryan Vikedal
DRUM! March / April 2003: Will Champion
DRUM! March / April 2004: David Silveria
DRUM! March 2005: Steve Jocz
DRUM! March 2006: John Dolmayan
DRUM! March 2007: Andrew Hurley
DRUM! March 2008: Chuck Comeau
DRUM! March 2009: Chris Adler
DRUM! March 2010: Chad Butler
DRUM! March 2011: Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann
DRUM! March 2012: Chris Adler
DRUM! March 2014: Atom Willard
DRUM! March 2015: Daniel Platzman
DRUM! March 2016: Charlie Benante
DRUM! May / June 2001: Carter Beauford
DRUM! May / June 2002: Chad Smith
DRUM! May / June 2003: John Dolmayan
DRUM! May 2005: Matt McDonough
DRUM! May 2006: Chad Smith
DRUM! May 2007: Vinnie Paul
DRUM! May 2008: Bill Rieflin
DRUM! May 2009: New Gear Guide
DRUM! May 2010: Cindy Blackman
DRUM! May 2011: New Gear Guide
DRUM! May 2012: Tomas Haake
DRUM! May 2014: Vinnie Colaiuta
DRUM! May 2015: Mysteries of Improvisation
DRUM! May 2016: Abe Cunningham
DRUM! May-13
Sean Kinney

DRUM! May/June-00
Scott Phillips

DRUM! Night 2011
DRUM! Night 2012
DRUM! Night 2012
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DRUM! Night 2012
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DRUM! Night 2012
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DRUM! Night 2012
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DRUM! Night 2012

DRUM! Night 2013
California PAS Offer

DRUM! Night 2013

DRUM! Night 2013
Drum Student Offer

DRUM! Night 2013
Drum World Offer

DRUM! Night 2013
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DRUM! Night 2013
San Jose Pro Drum Offer

DRUM! Night 2013
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DRUM! Nov-13
Mike Mangini

DRUM! Nov/Dec-00
Samantha Maloney and Stefanie Eulinberg

DRUM! November / December 2001: Morgan Rose
DRUM! November / December 2002: Travis Barker SOLD OUT!
DRUM! November / December 2003: WUV
DRUM! November 2005: Morgan Rose
DRUM! November 2006: Chris Cester
DRUM! November 2007: Jimmy Sullivan SOLD OUT!
DRUM! November 2008: Josh Freese
DRUM! November 2009: Jason Bittner
DRUM! November 2010: Dean Butterworth
DRUM! November 2011: Will Hunt SOLD OUT!
DRUM! November 2012: Tré Cool
DRUM! November 2014: Tim Alexander
DRUM! November 2015: Richard Danielson
DRUM! Oct-13

DRUM! October / November 2004: Danny Carey
DRUM! October 2005: Neil Peart SOLD OUT!
DRUM! October 2006: Matt Byrne
DRUM! October 2007: ?uestlove
DRUM! October 2008: Joey Jordison
DRUM! October 2009: Travis Barker SOLD OUT!
DRUM! October 2010: Tommy Lee SOLD OUT!
DRUM! October 2011: Charlie Benante
DRUM! October 2012: Neil Peart
DRUM! October 2014: Shannon Larkin
DRUM! October 2015: Bostaph's Back!
DRUM! Sep-13
Jeremy Spencer

DRUM! Sept/Oct-00
Steve Smith

DRUM! September / October 2001: Eric Kretz
DRUM! September / October 2002: Mike Wengren
DRUM! September / October 2003: Allman Brothers / Phish
DRUM! September / October 2004: Drumming 101SOLD OUT!
DRUM! September 2005: Mike Portnoy
DRUM! September 2006: Adam Carson
DRUM! September 2007: Mike D
DRUM! September 2008: John Dolmayan
DRUM! September 2009: Carter Beauford
DRUM! September 2010: Josh Freese
DRUM! September 2011: Heavy Metal Special
DRUM! September 2012: George KolliasSOLD OUT!
DRUM! September 2014: Jon Fishman
DRUM! September 2015: Chris Adler
DRUM! September 2016: Chad Smith
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TRAPS Back Issues
TRAPS Fall 2007: John Bonham SOLD OUT!
TRAPS Fall 2008: Terry Bozzio
TRAPS Spring 2008: Jack DeJohnette
TRAPS Spring 2009: Tony Williams
TRAPS Summer 2007: Jeff “Tain” Watts SOLD OUT!
TRAPS Summer 2008: Lenny White
TRAPS Winter 2006: Max Roach SOLD OUT!
TRAPS Winter 2008: Roy Haynes SOLD OUT!
TRAPS Winter 2009: Steve Gadd